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At LAJKONIK. HOUSE OF BAKERY you may buy fresh crispy bread all day long. Rolls, bread and baguettes temp you with their irresistible aromas.

If our customer requests, we may cut bread into slices of different width.

Enjoy the smell and taste of freshly baked bread and buns with delicious additions.

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Trust the quality of our bread

Made on the basis of rye flour, which acts as prevention against civilisation diseases like: arteriosclerosis, diabetes, bowel cancer; it supports heart, decreases the level of bad cholesterol. Rye grains have a higher biological value than wheat grains, they contain more mineral components like: calcium, iron, iodine and fluorine as well as more fiber (Rye bread, Chleb trzy ziarna, Chleb wawelski, Bułka fitness).

Made on the basis of spelt flour which has a different genetic construction of protein, bigger concentration of vitamins, mineral salts, unsaturated fatty acids and well tolerated gluten / flour protein / (Spelt bread).

High protein bread and low carbohydrate bread with a low glycemic index is the best for people on a diet and diabetics. Bread of this type releases energy to the body very slowly which results in good self-feeling and is a precious complement for a diet of diabetics, overweight and obese people. The introduction of the bread with a low GI to a diet may help diabetics with constant and steady delivery of glucose to blood and fiber slows the absorptions of sugars, influences the decrease of cholesterol and gives the feeling of fullness supporting this way a healthy diet (Vital Bread).

We would like to encourage you to the consumption of bread which, when eaten in proper proportions, is an extremely important component of our diets and the source of the vitamins from B and E groups.

The majority of our bread contain sunflower seeds, linseed, soy and porridge oats.

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